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...A controversial bunch...
'I just hate missionaries'. I was startled when one of our panelists blurted this out at the beginning of this project. It is not how I felt then and it is not how I feel now. But over the years, quizzing many people along the road, Christians, Muslims even Buddhists and Atheists alike, it became clear that many many people, including Rowen Williams, ex-Archbishop of Canterbury, have very strong feelings on the matter.

...Truth is: they are a very mixed bag of individuals...
I've seen quite a lot of love dispensed by some missionaries but then I have also seen a fair bit of abuse of power and then that rather ugly moral crime that is blatant religious hypocrisy. I've also seen startling fanaticism but ultimately, also, one of the most inspiring  gestures of forgiveness that I have ever witnessed thanks to Anthony Weston. Please meet these people, extraordinary in many different ways, below.
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