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UGH: GWBush gets elected for second term.
Thursday 9th December 2004 @ 8:00
A gut-wrench of faith betrayed, disgust and shame. 3rd November 2004. I emailed a pretty woman I had met in Marakesh a few years prior to admit my horror at the election results.

I had promised - what was I thinking - to my Muslim friends and acquaintances in Morrocco that George Bush getting in for another 4 years was simply impossible. Bush for another 4 years turned my world upside down. Amazingly, with a generosity of spirit that I still wonder at, she emailed back indicating that she felt sorry for us. No rage, not a tinge of anger, just encouragement and empathy. A model.


Hi Tony,

Hope your doing well and getting over the bad surprise. I feel really sorry for you and your friend and the whole world. We have to support him another four years. C'est pas juste, surtout que vous êtiez persque ou à un pas à la réussite.

Keep optimist and never give up. I'm sure you will overcome this situation.

I was surprised to know that you cancelled your reservation for Christmas. We were all happy to receive you again among us. Hope you will change your mind and see you soon.

Take care of yourself.

Warm Regards


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